Did They or Didn't They? Mixed Signals About Troop Withdrawal

Pictured: Russian Tank stuck in the mud (that's happening a lot lately - from The Economist)

Compiled from News Ukraine Today on Instagram and other sources:

Intelligence sources have found no real evidence of an actual withdrawal of troops along the border with Ukraine - they seem to have found evidence that the troops are just moving around to make it look like they are withdrawing.

"Unfortunately, we can't confirm this information objectively. It can be neither confirmed nor denied by Ukrainian Intelligence or the Intelligence teams of our strategic partners," stated Defence Minister Alexey Reznikov to Reuters in an interview. He further explained that it is more likely that the troops are just being moved around to other locations near Ukraine.

US State department official Ned Price stated that the United States sees no signs of troop withdrawal and actually sees signs that troops are moving into combat positions. Russia, naturally, states that they are withdrawing troops from the border and this is all an exaggeration, know, take that for what its worth.

Russia has moved equipment into Belarus more than before and the infrastructure of Belarus can't handle it. The equipment is too heavy for the loading ramps in the train yards and people in Belarus are complaining about huge amounts of trash being left behind, as well as personal protective equipment, helmets, and uniforms. The tanks, tents, and troops are in the woods and people are reporting that the Russian soldiers are selling some of their diesel fuel to area residents.

There have been videos on Instagram over the past few days showing some Russian vehicle convoys parked on the road less than 10km from the border, and that they are practicing shooting from 60km, which would be far enough to hit Chernihiv from their current position. It remains to be seen what will happen but there are very, very mixed signals when it comes to what's happening at the border right now.

Ukrainians are still not panicking, though it was a little spooky yesterday when we got DDoS'ed and it caused interruptions to Privatbank, Oschadbank, and the Military websites of Ukraine, but the banks were back up and running shortly thereafter. The attack on the military websites seems to be continuing into a second day.

We will keep you posted on the latest as we have it.

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