23:00 News Update

⚡️AU General Staff reports that two thirds of battalion tactical groups available to Russia have been introduced in Ukraine The head of the regional state administration of Nikolaev: Video with troops of the Russian Federation in the city - a fake In the area of ​​Okhtyrka, Sumy region the militants simply dropped their vehicles and fled ⚡️The Deputy Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom James Hippie stated that NATO will not establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine. The reason would be a direct confrontation between the Alliance and Russia. "London will not calm down until Russia's economy is destroyed," the British Foreign Office said. The New York Times writes that Russia is legalizing cryptocurrency to circumvent US sanctions. Everything is fine with the Ukrainian power system, don't believe the fakes. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian confirmed the holding of a UN Security Council meeting on Friday due to the situation in Ukraine. ⚡️Men 18-60 years old will not be released from the country This was announced on his Facebook page by the head of the Lviv customs Daniil Menshikov. "Please do not panic and do not try to cross the border arbitrarily! Victory is behind us! Glory to Ukraine!" He said. ⚡️The enemy has a very low morale - APU ground forces. The military is turning to all resistance in Ukraine: every bottle of fuel family from the roof on an enemy tank, every shot from a hunting rifle at the occupier's car sharply reduces the aggressive appetites of the invaders. ⚡️Kremlin prepares new waves of attacks, including airborne, Alexei Reznikov reports

Pictured: bombing of Ivano-Frankivsk airport. My city. The night will be long. But we remember that after the darkest time comes the dawn!

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According to British Intelligence up to 1/3 of Russian Troops and Resources have been eliminated as a result of the war in Ukraine. Keep in mind that it takes about 30% losses to render a fighting for